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Latest News

  • The Chairman and its committee members of Jharkhand State Minorities Commission were appointed as per the G.O No. 39 dated 08.01.2013.
  • Dr. Shahid Akhter has been appointed as the honorable Chairman of the Jharkhand State Minorities Commission.

Chairman's Speak

After assuming the responsibilities as the Chairman, Jharkhand State Minorities Commission on 18.04.2017, Md. Kamal Khan expressed his happiness to get the opportunity in working for the development of minority people in Jharkhand. He also urged all his members and staff members to work with greater enthusiasm so as to ascertain the betterment of all the members of minority community in Jharkhand.

He articulated his wish to accentuate for the economic and educational upliftment of the downtrodden minorities who must get every such benefit in legal rights of their lives.

Being strict to his duty hours, Md. Kamal Khan has also confirmed his presence in office regularly from Monday to Saturday. At the end he conveyed his optimist to uphold the roots of the minorities & their power to the national scale, which is possible by extending the hand of help & assistance for their betterment.


Md. Kamal Khan
Chairman, JSMC