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Latest News

  • The Commission had been following the case of Ms. Sasi Kaur, daughter of Shri Manjit Singh, Jamshedpur who was detained in Dubai prison was released from the prison and has reached home on 6th Sep, 2013.
  • The Commission has decided to celebrate World Minority Rights Day on 18th Dec, 2013.

Function of the Commission

  1. To examine the work of various safeguards provided in the constitution and the laws passed by the State Legislature for the protection of minorities.

  2. To make recommendations with a view to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of all the safeguards.

  3. To monitor the work of the safeguards provided in the constitution & laws enacted by the State Government.

  4. To make a factual assessment of the representation of minorities in the services of the Govt. undertakings, Govt. & Quazi Govt. bodies and in case the representation is inadequate to suggest ways & means to achieve the desired level.

  5. To make recommendations for ensuring, maintaining and promoting the communal harmony within the State.

  6. To study any other matter that is important in the opinion of the Commission; from the point of view of its welfare & in making appropriate recommendations.

  7. To conduct studies, research and analysis on the questions of avoidance of discriminations against the minorities.

  8. To make periodical reports at prescribed intervals to the Government.

  9. To consider the grievances of the minorities and to suggest appropriate solutions from time to time.

  10. To look into specific complaints regarding deprivation of rights and safeguards of minorities and take up such matter with the appropriate authorities.