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Latest News

  • It will be a proud moment for Minority Communities of Jharkhand as 18th December will now be celebrated as “World Minority Rights Day” every year. Tomorrow (18th, December, 2013, Wednesday) will be observed as the First World Minority Rights Day.

Future Programs

  1. The Chairman, JSMC has written letter to The Hon’ble C.M., Govt. of Jharkhand for issuing minority status certificate to minority institutions of Jharkhand.

  2. Very soon the Commission will organize meeting for NGOs of Jharkhand.

  3. The Commission will start Jan-Sunwai program for minority communities of Jharkhand to address their problems.

  4. The Commission has also decided to make advisory councils for all the minority communities in Jharkhand.

  5. To conduct regular surveys regarding the economic and educational development of the minority citizens within the territories of Jharkhand.

  6. To conduct regular surveys in upbringing of the minority people within the locality for better living, food, education, service, as well in maturing their right to live standard life.

  7. To conduct a survey for the premium development in education sector of various Christian schools and Madrasas in the length and breadth of the territories of Jharkhand.

  8. To make frameworks while gathering information regarding the pitiable conditions of underprivileged women, children and men, especially people belonging to the lower strata of the Minority Communities.

  9. To conduct surveys in understanding the socio-economic conditions of people beneath the minority or underprivileged section within the National territories of Jharkhand.